The oldest, smallest house that you can imagine would be demolished.
Everything that once made the house warm and cozy was thrown out
and lay on a large mountain in the garden.
From the soft bed that the residents slept in,
to the old wooden floor on which they walked ...

... and also, by mistake, a little brown teddy bear.

He was stuck under all the unwanted things and could not move.
When on a very cold day something fell out of the sky ... a little snowflake.

This fell on the small nose of the teddy bear and many more followed.
He started getting cold, very cold.
More and more snow fell, heavier and heavier.
The little teddy bear was so cold that his nose turned blue ...
So cold that his brown fur turned gray.

He was cold, unloved and completely alone in the world and felt very, very sad.

The winter passed and the weather became warmer.
On a beautiful spring day, a little girl was playing at the old house,
when she discovered the gray bear in the mountain with unwanted things.
He was like no other teddy bear she had ever seen
and she pulled it out from under the mess he was trapped under.

She brushed it clean and held it high in the air and looked at him.

"A gray teddy bear ... With a blue nose?" She thought. "That's different!"

The teddy bear could cry.
He thought she didn't like him and wanted to throw it back on the mountain of junk.

"But he is super!" She continued and she immediately fell in love with him.

She ran home as fast as she could to go to her grandmother, who could fix him up.
Because a lot of filling had fallen out and he needed a major repair.

She looked at her grandmother who refilled it and closed the holes with patches.
The repairs made it clear where the bear had been broken, but the little girl thought it was perfect.

It was nice and warm in the little girl's house and the bear felt the warmth in his heart.
However, his nose was still blue and his fur gray and would never be brown again.
He was unique among all teddy bears.
The little girl gave him a big hug.
She loved him more than anything in the world ...
her little gray, with blue nose ...